Master Minood

Master Minood, the modern day mystic from southern India, is a spiritual guide with a difference. He is a true spiritual scientist, who in his own inimitable way guides people into inner awakening through breath meditation. Upon meeting Master Minood, people are always taken aback by the simplicity and the serenity of a man who is a renowned Spiritual Rebirthing Guru. With his deep clarity on spiritual subjects, Master Minood de-mystifies spirituality and helps people flow in the waters of awakening. Speaking with profound wisdom and compassion, he helps each one, to turn inwards and operate from the space of Spiritual Surrender that brings joy and peace in life.

“Complete Spiritual Surrender is when and where your Universe decides what is right for you while you play Poker!” – Master Minood

He says that practicing a life in surrender is the easiest thing to do. All you need is total and complete Trust in the Universe.

“When you let go,
You are not giving up.
You are setting yourself free!”
– Master Minood

Master Minood has dedicated his time and energy to his Life’s purpose of transmuting each one, a consciousness in pure awareness. He reaches out to people by conducting Meditation sessions with the sacred Breath. Meditating with him is an enlivening and deeply touching mystical experience where he brings out the sacredness of the Breath.

Anyone who is serious about his/her spiritual journey can grow by leaps and bounds if they take the practices diligently. He emphasizes the need to practice Truth always and as a way of life. He says that spiritual progress can happen only when one embraces Truth.

“The brilliance of your Light is based on
The depth of your relation with Truth!”
– Master Minood 

Master Minood’s revolutionary contribution in the spiritual arena is the mystical, divinely guided process of “Spiritual Rebirthing with Mystical Breath” which was revealed to him by the great and ancient ones. This esoteric practice from the immortal yogis of the Himalayas, help one to access the most elevated states of consciousness and to eliminate karmic baggage from the past. Rebirthing with Master Minood can evoke a sense of deep knowing, wellness, peace and tranquillity, replacing fear, stress, and illness.

Master Minood was born in 1965 in Trivandrum, Kerala, India to Shri Reghunatha Panicker and Smt Chandralekha Reghunatha. ‘My father is my first spiritual Guru as he was the one who initiated me into the world of spirituality’, says Master Minood. While working in the banking industry, the call to plunge into the world of spirituality came in the year 1996 when he learned meditation. The journey to develop Self, turned into a journey to spread the language of the Soul across the world. One thing led to the other and in the year 2007 he snapped ties with the corporate world and the world of organised living!

With no back up plans, life without a job helped him in practicing a life in surrender. It took him to the ancient spiritual process of rebirthing which awakened the hidden memories of the past. In 2009, he established the Temple of Inner Wisdom as a space of pure consciousness, with the sole purpose of awakening souls from spiritual amnesia.