“The teacher appears when the student is ready.”

In complete gratitude and surrender to our spiritual guide we, Temple of Inner Wisdom, welcome all for Guru Purnima Celebrations, 2016, the most auspicious day of the year for spiritual grace and growth!

Details of the Yatra:
17.07.16 :  Noon – Visit to Temple of Inner Wisdom Ashram at Trivandrum and lunch.
3.30 pm – Check in to Hotel in Poovar, a beautiful village embraced by a lovely beach on one side and Kerela backwaters on the other, known for its picturesque beauty and serene environment. Enjoy the idyllic serene beach and enjoy the five elements, the Earth, Sea, the setting Sun, the soothing breeze and the vast open sky as you breathe in nature’s beauty while you meditate upon your self.

18.07.16 : Leave Poovar after lunch and travel to Cape Comorin (Kanyakumari or the Virgin Sea Goddess), the southern most tip of the Indian Subcontinent. We watch the famed Sunset and  visit the Rock Memorial of Swami Vivekananda, four hundred metres offshore, where the famous Indian monk swam to and meditated from 25 – 27 December 1892, and decided to take his moral message beyond India’s shores. This is also the place where India’s three great Seas merge together and at certain times of the year one can see the sun set and the moon rise over three seas simultaneously.

19.07.16 : 5:30 am visit and meditate at Sree Narayan Guru Ashram at the base of the Holy Maruthwamalai Hills.
6:30 am climb to the summit of the sacred Maruthwamalai Hills, and meditate at the Pillathadam Cave where many yogis like Sree Narayan Guru have attained Enlightenment.
1:00 pm back at the Ashram for lunch with the Sadhus and back to hotel.
6:00 pm back at the ashram for Mindfulness with Breath and Guru Purnima Celebrations with Master Minood.

20.07.16 Leave for Trivandrum early morning and return home.

The reporting time is 11.00 am on 17th July at Trivandrum.
Departure early morning on 20th July from Trivandrum.

For those on the path to awakening the Self  this is a journey not to be missed.

For more details and registration please contact:

Preetanjali Bajoria +91 9001798992
Sangita Churiwal +91 9830058912

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Love and Grace,
Temple of Inner Wisdom