In Temple of Inner Wisdom, we celebrate 9th of every month as Vow Renewal Day!

The Atma Jyoti Divas celebrated on the 9th of October, the birth date of Master Minood, was a very soul-stirring experience to everyone present. The 50 vows were a set of guidelines which gave us an opportunity to look deep within us, and stand us in good stead in our spiritual evolution.To commemorate and relive the Atma Jyoti Divas, every 9th of a month, we refresh our vows, pledge to ourselves, or choose to do something which would take us further on our spiritual journey.

Master says, “We have to use our will power to consciously change our limited thought patterns that belongs to our past.” When we constantly remind ourselves of the promises, pledges and vows, our resolve in our self journey strengthens. Listening to each other’s experiences widens our horizon and we grow internally.

Saying it aloud / announcing / pledging it on Vow Renewal Day makes it deeper ingrained in our pyche, leading to more dedicated efforts and ultimately acceleration of one’s spiritual growth.

Come, take a pledge to awaken / Illumine the soul – ‘Atma Jyoti’.
Come, share and inspire each other on our journey within, to relive the Atma Jyoti Divas and illumine the world!

Take a vow today for your spiritual growth!

Download Vows in Hindi 

The vows:

1. ‘Aham Brahmasmi’ I acknowledge my Divinity and in every other.

2. I honour the Divine Feminine, the Mother, as ‘the Shakti’, in every woman.

3. (For Woman) I honour the presence of Divine in the form of the Mother, the Shakti, operating through me, thus pledge to be compassionate to all.

4. Every person, event and situation is telling me something about me and not about them, I wow to take complete ownership of it. Rather than playing the blame game on others, I would introspect on myself and always work on my short comings.

5. I will keep calm and never get angry.

6. I will always speak the truth.

7. I will meditate daily for one hour.

8. A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle. I will touch a new soul every week by empowering him/her with Meditation.

9. I will live for the ultimate purpose of human life, to realise oneself as a Buddha, a Christ, a Krishna, a Nanak, a perfected human being, a being who emits the soul power and spreads light.

10. With great power comes greater responsibility, I will never be carried away by power and pleasures of the world.

11. I will not be enticed by the gilt and glamour of the world.

12. I will walk the path of surrender in my daily life.

13. I will not judge anyone from their past deeds or my past experiences, and will look at everyone each day fresh.

14. I will love myself and accept my self as I am, leaving no space for guilt.

15. Every time I feel trapped in a situation, I will go through the opportunity that the Universe has given me to understand it, experience it and release it with Awareness and not complain about the situation.

16. I will master the act of dropping the desire to promote my identity in each situation and instead will work towards the growth of the soul, mine and others.

17. I will take up Meditation as Medication to cure my illness.

18. I will live one day in a week just for my own presence as a celebration.

19. I will not confront with anyone and silently introspect upon myself to understand the situation.

20. I will find a balance between my Spiritual and Material life.

21. I will hear each word as I speak in Witness mode or Sakshi Bhav so as to help myself move into Soul consciousness.

22. I will observes my feeling and emotions in response to my daily events to inculcate Sakshi Bhav or Witness mode.

23. I will follow Equanimity: Complete Attachment and Complete Detachment.

24. I will Let go of being a controller of events and situations in life.

25. I will not sit with any one to gossip, and would rather leave such situations every time it arises.

26. I will accept the world as my Mirror and work upon myself and be that change in the world for there is no one else out there in the other but me.

27. I will feel and see sacredness in everything around, living or non-living.

28. Rather than using adjectives and finding faults in my spouse, I will rather work upon what needs to be done in bringing love to the situation.

29. I will never throw emotional poison towards anyone specially my loved ones.

30. I will let go of all my fears and trust the Universe to always guide me through the path of love.

31. I forgive everyone against whom I hold grudge, for what ever be the reason. I then forgive myself for all the pain and sufferings I put myself into. I will make peace with all.

32. I will do one hour of spiritual book reading daily.

33. I will ask for what I want and not complain about what I have or I receive.

34. I will give my best and be in acceptance of the result for I know I did my best.

35. I will trust and follow my Intuitions.

36. I will not compare or compete upon my material or spiritual journey with anyone rather be inspired by others.

37. Now is all I have to live, moment to moment, accepting and living life as it comes with the flow.

38. I will be in gratitude to everyone in my life, accepting everyone as my teacher.

39. I will do Yoga and Pranayam daily.

40. I will be humble towards everyone.

41. I will become a vegetarian

42. I will quit smoking/Alcohol and will take care of my body. Only then can I finish my life’s purpose.

43. I will be a Satvik Vegetarian.

44. I will accept all the short comings I see in my spouse and give my best to keep him/her happy at all times, working towards union of Masculine and Feminine, Shiv and Shakti.

45. I will give time to my family and myself even if it means to change my job.

46. I will develop passion for self inquiry.

47. I know dreams are the engines of growth, both for material and spiritual. I will manifest each and every dream of mine.

48. I will be inspired and will Inspire others on the self journey, rather than trying to compete with others.

49. I will always watch my thoughts and behaviour.

50. I will make myself happy and operate from my heart always. I will do something for myself today.

Love and grace,
Temple of Inner Wisdom