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Udaipur Rebirthing Retreat with Master – 5th to 9th April 2018

Akash Gupta
Gratitude to the Master for helping us to touch and feel a very essence of our innerself. Without you it was not possible. Days come and go but the 4 days with you will be remembered and cherished always. No words to express my gratitude.

Parveen Jain
We really had very good time not only with master but knowing each other too. The recent retreat gave me lot of learnings from Master as well us from you all . I trust this will be implemented in our routine life & lead us to progress ourselves spiritually .

Thanks to all.

Maria Rosaria from Italy:

My personal experience
I started my meditation experience few months ago, without any expectation, with open mind and the deep need to know more about myself.
At the beginning, I tried to understand the real meaning of the words of Master Minood “Meditation means ‘Silencing the Mind’. It is about ‘Emptying the Mind’ of all thoughts, wanted or unwanted..!”
I tried to follow my breath and to empty my mind. It was so difficult ….it was like a fight with my mind and a lot of thoughts came, thoughts that I had no idea from where and why they were coming. But every day there was an improvement and I started to feel well, well as never in my life.
The TOIW 41 days meditation has been a powerful experience. It is like I started to establish a connection with myself. I started to feel full of energy and enjoy every single second of my day. I can’t explain, but it is like I look at the world around me with different eyes.
How many times in my life I was in a room full of people talking with me and I felt completely alone.
And now every day I am in room full of people, only silence around me, I am alone with my breath but I feel connected with the energy of all that people and this is amazing.
I want to say thank you to Sonia, that introduced me to meditation and that leaded me
day by day.
And I want to say thank you to Master Minood for the incredible experience of the Spiritual Rebirthing.
I still don’t have the right words to explain such experience and it is impossible to believe, you can only try.
Thanks also to all of you who have shared this experience with me, comparing and growing day by day.

My dream now is to make a Spiritual Rebirthing Retreat before leaving India.

Nikhil Lath – Bangalore

I wish to share my experience of last 10 days or so
I have been lucky to know of the paths of meditation for last 7 to 8 years
I have also been lucky to know of the depths of mind and the way it plays   but yet I was not able to control it to continue the process of meditation
Something or the other would come on the way and the process used to stop
I met Master about 10 days back and out of many things he told me i remember the most is that if anything comes in between you and meditation its just and excuse. He later on one day asked me to ‘cling’ to the process
I just followed his guidance and clung on
I wish to share that though i couldn’t manage the time in the morning i did meditation before sleeping and almost on all days after 11 PM on some days even after 11 45 PM
I really dont know from where am i getting the energy to sit at that hour after a long and sapping day
My rational scientific mind is not able to answer it yet its true that its happening
Then i just realised that i need to accept that if I cling on I show my true intent to do it despite of any situation at physical level
Then the energy flows from somewhere at subtle level and I am able to manage it in physical realm like sitting through 40 minutes at that part of night
I really thank master to have made me experience the power of clinging
Thank you master

MahaShivratri with Master Minood – 23rd to 25th Feb 2017, at Kashi, U.P

Images of MahaShivratri Yatra – click here

MahaShivratri with Master Minood in Kashi - 2017

Anu Bajaj – Ludhiana
Wasn’t there something mystical about this MahaShivratri? Lord Shiva with open arms had welcomed me to the city, known as the soul of India. With Master leading the way, this Kashi trip was no ordinary one.
From the moment I stepped out from, I started sensing some unusual magnetic pull. Started feeling divine from within and emotions had started churning. All the debris which had settled from years of emotional turmoil had started bubbling. Like a true chemical reaction. A volcanoe would erupt within and there was no stopping me. Tears flowed unexplainably.
Our train got delayed by 5 Hours. I panicked. The urge to meet My Master was too strong. Little did I know that everything really does happen for a cause. Deepika ji and Manpreet ji were my companions. Deepika ji had started” The Sermon”. Words of wisdom flowed from her, to console and calm my agitated mind. She was no less than a priest for me. She spoke and I listened like a child would so carefully listen to her mother for a bed time story. I saw and felt as if Master was talking through her.
Time had come and the 5 hour delay eventually did not feel like a delay at all. We were pretty much on time.
Shivas Shakti on his magical land had started permeating each and every blood cell. A strange vibration circulated during every meditation. I used to connect so deeply within seconds.
Again Master sat beside me to meditate and I was vomitting out emotions.
Shivratri night was if Lord Shiva himself had held me close to his bossom and had turned all those volcanic eruptions within me to mute. I was so calm….. So calm. Rather than thinking that the ” water is too cold”. The thought of fear was more prevalent. The ocean was so vast and I felt myself as a worn out boat. I felt like I might drown in this vastness. While singing after the dip. The sun was just exactly opposite as it rose in its glory. My words just vanished into the depth of that deep orange colour. I was receiving all the love and energy from it. I never had experienced how much love Master holds for us. But his one look made me melt. A feeling my words cease to write.
We had a long wait in the queue for Kashi Vishwanath temple. All souls clustered together with Master. We are ” One Big Family”. Such a warm feeling.
The moment we drew near the Mandir. My inner volcano had started errupting again. All over again I was vomitting emotions. We had darshan and set for meditation. I connected so deeply that I had forgotten where I was. I poured my heart out to Master and My Master acknowledged and stood before me as I opened my eyes. Then the guru disciple relationship emerged. At the same time sorrow prevailed as it was time to depart. The guru resides within your heart. Came a voice.

Aishwarya Sharma, Jaipur
Namasté Atmañ,
Ever wondered why there is no ‘ perfect’ image of God, or a thumb -rule definition, or a Universal explanation/or description, of what The Creator of the Universe is like ; despite there being so many Yogis , and God – Realised saints and ‘Avataars’ , who have attained God-hood themselves ?
Welcome to the club !!!
My doubts , and questions, and puzzles about what is life , and death , and everything in between ; and the seeker, the Guru , and the Seeked… were revealed to me in this Yatra, to Kashi , with our beloved Master, and the 75 odd ‘souls’ with similar , but varied missions & purposes that prompted them to undertake this Yatra!
I set out on this journey with a clear purpose – to assimilate Kaashi – the oldest living city on Earth – and to meet my first crush – Shiva! And did this happen ?
Yes! Surprise !!!
Let’s begin !
Some of us reached a day earlier ! And with plans to get a taste of Benarasi- chaat and Litti- Chokha ruling our senses , the evening passed by amidst laughter and Oh my God’s! , as my roommate’ s luggage got exchanged at the Varanasi Airport !
My first lesson was in observing how she kept her ‘cool’ all throughout this ‘filmy’ episode ! I would’ve freaked out , I thought !
Next morning was a hurried drive to the ‘phool- mandi’ braving the dust and chaos called ‘ Benaras ‘ !
Master arrived, and with him a deep sense of purpose and focus !
The evening ride aboard the ‘Bajra’ , over the sacred Ganges was a lesson on how to lead this life – Being the Observer !
Everything was happening in front of us – starting from the ‘Assi’ Ghat – to the last one ‘Varuna’ – from which is derived the name – Varanasi.
All sorts of people, from every corner of the world , we could witness – the Bajra carrying us ( like a bodily instrument ) & the Tulsi – Tea ( breathing life into us ).
Running people , screaming people , selling people, buying people , praying people, chanting people, the pilgrims & the pujaris; the ‘Bhakts & the Bhagwan’!
The Ganga – Arti was the celebration of life-giving Ganga itself – that flows backwards from South to North only at Kaashi ! Why ? Because here starts the Return Journey –
“Sheesh Gangå, Ardhangå Pãrvati; Sada virãjat Kailãshi ;
Kailãshi, Kãshi kay vãsi, Avinãshi meri sudh leejo ! ”
Oh ! How these hymns , once mere words put together, suddenly gathered the wisdom of the three worlds .
While the Ganga – Arti burned in it’s flames, all grandeur , Prosperity and the enigma that life brings ; the ever burning funeral – pyres on the Manikarnika and Harishchandra ghats were like the celebration of Death ” Om Traiyambakam Yajamahey…. Mrityor Muksiya Mamratat…”
Each ghat felt like a different juncture of our lives- like the average age of man – Assi !
When life & Death were happening to us – at the same time – we touched upon The Creator and His Creation – The Divine & His Divinity- The Ardhanareeshwar- The God and We – His Consciousness !
With Master we become eternal – the concept of time seems timeless ! No hurry , no worry , no fear , no anxiety ! Meditation near the burning pyres was a reality check – that everything is transitory- that we must utilise our ‘time’ wisely – whatever is left !
The next morning’s visit to Sarnath was an encounter with a very ancient page of our lives – of whatever was left – of an era that ‘Enlightened ‘ Buddha !
Our guide , Hanumant Shastri ji , was nothing short of a – Vidvaan & Shastragya ‘ himself ! He connected the physical and spiritual points of Buddha’s life and His teachings so beautifully, that it brought alive the feelings of being present at such a sacred place , rather than just experiencing it as yet another monument or historical site!
The story of Buddha giving His first sermon, to His first 5 disciples- that were His friends- and then living here at Sarnath with other disciples, emotionally charged us all up , to feel the ‘awakening ‘ inside .
The meditation near the Stupa….Master conducting it … the crisp , cool breeze touching the deepest cells …. the chanting of Buddhist hymns – and the ongoing ” Buddham sarnam gachhami , Dhamam sarnam Gachhami, Sangham sarnam gachhami…” by one of the many Buddhist groups that were circling around the Stupa…. oh ! I want to be in that state again . My whole being felt saturated with love !
The afternoon was satiating on more than one levels – the super yum food , and the food for the soul – the interactive session with Master !
So beautifully Master arranges the puzzles of life – and lifetimes ! The soul and it’s journey- one can instantly put oneself in Sakshi Bhav, and witness all the happenings around !Honestly , I was amazed at the willingness of one and all , pulling off an all – nighter- for meditating , on the ghats of Kashi , amidst the beats and sounds of Dhrupad Sangeet , and the prospect of dipping in the cold waters of the Ganga before dawn !
Many of us , I believe, would’ve smirked and shrugged at the idea , before this point in time ! But the energy of the group , and the Dhrupad – lovers at the Tulsi Ghat , was palpable and effervescent.
And what an experience it was !
It was ‘Shiva’ dancing everywhere! Shiva’s dance everywhere! Tandava! As if the thunderous tapping of His feet was the vibration of the Universe itself !
All souls present there would’ve felt the harmony of the gentle Ganges flowing by the side , & love of Shiva – Parvati soaking each soul with immeasurable bliss – Satta Chitta Ananda, on its banks .
Sitting erect , all through the night , allowing the highest energies of the ‘ Shiv Ratri ‘ to flow through our bodies, tested the physical and mental alertness of us all . True to our restless nature , tired and exhausted, we took to take the final plunge into the holy Ganga .
And truly , as the Master said , this dip was necessary to release the energies we’d build up during the night . We all sensed a peculiar lightness and freshness after the dip!
Meditation , before the sun rising over the vast plains … and Anu ji touching chords of each heart , with her soulful rendering of Shivoham , Shivoham, was the perfect start for the day !
As we set for Kashi- Vishwanath Temple , all fatigue and restlessness dissipated. An hour long wait in the queue, did not agitate or irritate any of us at all !
The go – with – the – flow attitude comes naturally with Master !
The darshan of ‘Vishwanath ‘ were the glimpse of Divinity- literally- Thanks to the organisers and Master – we sat in the Mandir premises and meditated! This , was surreal ! Waves of feelings were toppling each other – was I actually sitting in the Vishwanath Mandir , on Shivratri day ? Really ??? Pinch !!!
And Shiva did finally call me to Him ! Hmmm ???
It was tossing between God & His grace ! So overwhelmed !
And while all did darshan of ‘ The pure silver Idols of Shiva- Parvati & Panchmukhi Natraja, at the Temple- Mahant’ s residence, I had other plans to meet !
Never did I imagine, that I’d run – bare footed … like a long lost child , or devotee , to it’s father or Guru , … in the narrow , maze -like , pebbled lanes of Kashi, blurting ‘Chowsatti ghat’ at every corner … eyes searching for the house of ‘Lahiri Mahashaya ‘ , my great grand Guru !!!
Seemed funny then , an odd mission ! Now makes perfect sense – that my Guru is with me always!
I thank my partner-in- chaos, for without him I wouldn’t have the courage to run alone !
Came back to the hotel , in an auto , thankfully ! Grabbed breakfast, and soon ‘good byes ‘ and ‘see you soon again’s ‘ filled the air !
I have learned so much , yet so little !
Like how Hanumant ji said , that while leaving this physical body at Kushinagar, at the age of 80 , Buddha’s disciples were asked by Him to be laid between two Sal trees . He asked them if they had any questions or doubts ! One Bhikku asked of Him , that had He taught them everything! In reply , Buddha collected a fistful of dried leaves , and pointed out ; that what He taught was but a fistful in the midst of eternity ! -” Seek Ye for that which is Permanent & work out your own salvation with Diligence. ” – Tathagatta Buddha.


Buddha Purnima  at BodhGaya, Bihar – 20th – 22nd May 2016 
Images of Buddha Purnima Yatra – click here
Buddha Purnima Yatra with Master Minood - Bodh Gaya 2016

Seema Sehgul Gulati
Buddh Purnima at Bodh Gaya turned out to be the most mesmerizing yatras of my life. All the temples we visited had phenomenal energies. It felt as if the aura of that highly spiritual place is engulfing you inside. We all visited the cave where Gautam Buddha meditated for 6 years. Before entering the cave, it seemed impossible to meditate in that suffocated small area but once inside when we sat, it was the most divine experience. It was absolute Bliss. Visited Thai temple, Maha Bodhi temple and Sujata temple, all amazingly powerful.
Master’s interactive session provided us with more wisdom and understanding. I was deeply touched by the explanation of how cocoon changes into butterfly. Master explained that in the intense struggle to come out, the fluid in the cocoon body is pushed into the wings and it changes into butterfly. By giving these simple and easy to understand examples, Master so beautifully makes us understand the deep philosophies of life. Soulful singing by Sweety ji, Upasana and little Aditya took us to another level. Felt a unique bond meeting my soul family from this group. Then the chanting of ‘Buddham Sharnam Gachhami’ along with Master touched every single pore of my being. And the whole night meditation was magical, the whole environment was intoxicated with intense divine energies. Heartfelt gratitude to Master for this purifying and uplifting experience and to all the members of Temple family who put in hard work to make it possible 

MahaShivratri – Kashi, March 6th – 8th,2016
View images of 2016 Kashi Yatra – click here
Mashivratri 2016 - Kashi

Mona Khosla – Noida
Expansion and Exhiliration is what I’m vibrating with . Feeling joy radiate from within . Every moment of this pilgrimage with Master , soaked in Sacredness , Self Discovery and Lessons learnt . The All Divine Sparks meditating around the sacred fire on the night of MahaShivratri felt like Cosmic Consciousness was uniting , binding us together and at the same time giving flight to each soul . Feeling blessed and blissful in Soul and Spirit . Gratitude to Master for everything that he bestows upon us and the journey continues …