Rebirthing Retreat

Master Minood
UDAIPUR, Rajasthan,

Arrival: 12:00 pm Thursday 5th April
Departure: 10:00am on Monday 9th February

Kindly confirm and register with:
Bhakti Rawat
098290 78066‬
Meenu Arora

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For those of you who are looking for a deeper spiritual journey where you are in direct connection with you the self, the soul.

If you are ready for more silent moments and a deep connect within, here is a point created for you with your Breath and the Five Elements of Nature – (Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space) where time and space cease to exist. It’s a mystical space with Master Minood who guides you on a journey of true self discovery.

Rebirthing Breathwork:
We are souls dwelling in our physical bodies for this earthly experience. We incarnate many times on this earth, experiencing physicality and evolving with each lifetime till we eventually become one with our Creator.

Karmic imprints or the Learning of each lifetime are stored as Energy Signatures within out bodies. Breath as our spiritual guide knows and understands these imprints and it’s location.

The Rebirthing Breath Work uses our Conscious Breath to bring out and eradicate the self limiting karmic imprints stored in the body and the unconscious mind, and allows us to reach a deeper level of awareness.

The beautiful energy that floods the body through the breathwork cleanses and nourishes the body physically, emotionally and spiritually. You are awakened into a new awareness of yourself.

It is a non-religious Spiritual Retreat.

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About Master Minood
Master Minood is a modern day mystic from southern India. With his deep clarity on spiritual subjects, he de-mystifies spirituality and awakens people towards their true journey. Speaking with profound wisdom and compassion, he helps each one, to turn inwards and operate from the space of spiritual surrender that brings joy and peace in life.

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