Who am I? Why am I here?
What is my purpose and my destiny?
How can I live a life of abundance and peace amidst the everyday challenges?

The answers to all these questions lie within YOU.
Rebirthing with the Mystical Breath and the
Five Elements of Nature – Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space,
floods the body with divine energy dissolving the self-limiting beliefs and the karmic baggage stored in our body.
It gives a deeper clarity about how the world within and without operates evoking a sense of deep knowing, wellness, peace and balance.
It is a non-religious Spiritual Retreat.


We are souls dwelling in our physical bodies for this earthly experience. We incarnate many times on this earth, experiencing physicality and evolving with each lifetime till we eventually become one with our Creator.
Karmic imprints or the Learning of each lifetime are stored as Energy Signatures within out bodies. Breath as our spiritual guide knows and understands these imprints and it’s location.
The Rebirthing Breath Work uses our Conscious Breath to bring out and eradicate the self limiting karmic imprints stored in the body and the unconscious mind, and allows us to reach a deeper level of awareness.
The beautiful energy that floods the body through the breathwork cleanses and nourishes the body physically, emotionally and spiritually. You are awakened into a new awareness of yourself.
Breath as a Healer can help one connect to his/her inner self; it can take you to a place within that can evoke a sense of deep knowing, wellness, peace and tranquility, replacing fear, stress, illness and blocked energy.



Spiritual Rebirthing with mystical Breath is an ancient esoteric practice from the Himalayas, to access the most elevated states of consciousness.
It brings out and eliminates the layers of karma stored in our body, mind and intellect, enabling us to live a more radiant and happy life.
It points the way to a more abundant and blissful life which awakens tremendous spiritual skills and awareness.
It is a New Age Spiritual Tool that uses our Conscious Breath in a mystical way to eliminate karmic baggage from the past, stored inside the body and the unconscious mind that hinder the progress of our spiritual journey.
Rebirthing is a deep and Soulful exhilarating experience.

For queries and registration please contact :-
Preetanjali Bajoria: +9190017 98992
Sangita Churiwal: +91 98300 58912