It’s a time, so perfect, to gather around and celebrate the pure joy that we are!

Dear Divine Ones,

It’s sheer delight to announce the celebration of the 50th birthday of Master Minood whose warm presence has enriched our lives and brought us closer to ourselves.

Temple Of Inner Wisdom heartily invites you to our Trivandrum Centre on 9th October 2015, to experience the energies of oneness, unity and bliss.

We celebrate this day as ‘Atma Jyoti Divas’ a day to recognise and honour the divinity residing within and without us.

Join us as we take another leap forward on the path to knowing the Self!

Temple Of Inner Wisdom
Trivandrum Centre
USRA 47,
Udarasiromani Road,
Trivandrum – 695010

Date: 8th – 9th October, 2015

for more details contact:
Alpana Binani: +91 98300 73054
Vishakha Shroff: +91 94386 22522

Love and grace
Temple Of Inner Wisdom