12th to 14th February 2018

The Great Night of Shiva beckons us…
Kashi calling! Shiva winking!!
  Staying awake on the great night of Mahashivratri and observing our Breath in complete surrender helps one to awaken the Shiva within.
  Let us make this Shivratri a special one, with a strong inner resolve to connect with the “Self” in all earnesty and sacredness, in complete awareness. Let us be open to receive the tremendous love, beauty, silence and an inner awareness that could be available to us this very lifetime.
Kashi or Varanasi, the oldest living city on Earth, is Shiva itself.
     The Yatra program includes:
  • Boat ride on Holy Ganges and witnessing the timeless Ganga Arti being performed since millennia.
  • Visit to Kashi Vishwanatha Temple, one of the 12 Jyotirlingas of India.
  • Meditation and Interactive Session with Master Minood.
  • All Night Meditation on Mahashivratri with Master Minood.

      Arrival: 12:00pm on Monday 12th February

     Mahashivratri: Tuesday 13th Feb

     Departure: 11:00am on Wednesday 14th February

     Kindly confirm and register with:

     Sonia Sanwalka 98728 00811

     Pooja Poddar‭ 98361 58882

    or write to us at