‘Journeys of Self Discovery’

A Meditative Expedition to the 12 Jyotirlingas of India
Master Minood


Yatra to Kedarnath Jyotirlinga and Badrinath Dham on Full Moon and Rudraprayag
3rd to 8th October 2017

3rd Tuesday
:- Assemble at Dehradun airport by 12:30 afternoon.
3rd to 8th :- Yatra to Kedarnath, Badrinath & Rudraprayag
8th Sunday :- Return to Rishikesh by 2pm.
For further queries and registrations please contact:
Preetanjali : 090-01-798992
Anvesha : 098-30-882858

After the Kedarnath Yatra, one has the option of continuing for Master’s Birthday Celebration at Rishikesh from 8th to 10th of October 2017.




at RISHIKESH, INDIA – 9th October, 2017

A Master’s birthday is the most glorious Celebration!

We, at Temple of Inner Wisdom celebrate 9th of October, the birth-date of our beloved Guru, Master Minood as Atma Jyoti Diwas – A soulful celebration of Our Own Light.
It is also a time of fun and frolic and to share our deep and subtle love towards him.
We welcome you to be a part of this glorious celebration that is going to take place in Rishikesh from October 8th-10th, 2017.

Reporting time: 2:00 pm on Sunday, 8th October at Rishikesh.

9th October: Atma Jyoti Diwas
Dhyana at Vasishta Gufa &
Master’s Birthday celebrations.

Departure: 9:00 am on Tuesday, 10th October.

For further queries and registrations please contact:
Poonam : 098-11-014046
Alpana : 098-30-073054



Somnath Jyotirlinga and DwarkadishDham, Gujarat

View pictures of Somnath Yatra here

Puja Ghai –  Ludhiana
We reached at the rajkot airport and sat in the bus with master- we started for somnath
Silence started from the bus We reached somnath and master told us that anyone who wishes to go for the darshan cud go and we can all do it together in the morning ..Master gave us a message – we have not
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cum for the yatra only to worship idols we need to merge ourself and get the energy of the place within us , we have cum together as a soul group so we need to respect each one, we also need to absorb the immense shiva energy and meditate on them – I’m in gratitude of our loving master for giving us this wonderful gyan .. Next day we went to dwarka all bus members sang  bhajans for 1 nd half hour throughout which Master was smiling . Then we went to dwarka dhesh temple bhent dwar temple , krishna temple (where his foot got hurt wth the bow and he left the world )

This Yatra taught me so many lessons – surrender , consuming energies , knowing the joy of being alive , direction for my journey towards enlightenment -deeply indebted to master.
Being at jyotarlinga was for our inner souls growth , not only rituals are important but to connect wth meditation taught by master .
Thanks to Master for showing us the right path for our growth.
Without guru no one can grow , guru is our bridge who connects us from outside to inside.
Thanks to all the yatris , it was a wonderful experience to b wth them for 4 days , how time flies , thanks to amma, deepa maa i have learnt so much from them ..
It was a new direction for my journey , i realised where i lacked and lastly thanks to master who taught us about the journey of life ..

Pooja Poddar –  Kolkata
Namaste dear friends,
4 days of spiritual detox and back to worldly chores & responsibilities, BUT with fresh and renewed vigour !!!!!

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The past 4 days at the Somnath – Dwarka yatra with Master was once again a rejuvenation,a Celebration of the Self. Each time I travel with Master, I wonder ……….what pulls me?? Why do I want to go for these Yatras?? What is my purpose of being there??? How is it helping me in my journey?? Is the Mind wanting to escape from mundane daily activities or something else??? Once again a different perspective came up ,while Master was talking during the Yatra………MERGER…..being in ONENESS WITH THE GOD WITHIN…….BREAKING ALL BARRIERS OF INDIVIDUALITY….. being the key aspects, of visiting highly spiritual and energised Temple towns.
Master very beautifully gave us the subtle message that…… ………we are not coming to Yatras to be like small Islands,we need to expand and then only this Merger will happen. One look at the Shiva/Krishna idol is enough, gazing at it for hours is not required.What is important then??? The understanding…..that we have come together as a soul group,where we need to respect each ones faith,not be like small individualised pockets with selfish identities…..but break the sham surrounding our personalities, look beyond and merge .That we need to absorb that immense Shiva/Krishna energy only, and draw within ourselves that nectar by Meditating on them rather than indulging in any ritualistic practises.
These Yatras help me PAUSE and again CENTRE myself and retrospect.
In gratitude to our loving Master for giving us these wonderful moments!

Baidyanath Jyotirlinga, Deoghar, Jharkhand

Meditative Expedition to 12 Jyotirlingas of India

View pictures of Baidyanath and Sri Mallikarjuna Yatra here

Anvesha Harlalka – Kolkata

Indeed the visit to the Rikhia peeth- Bihar school of Yoga at Deoghar was deeply moving.
It was the first time I visited a yoga Ashram and thought it’s mainly to do with Yoga Aasana practice.
But upon hearing the magnitude of what they do at the Ashram it touched me.

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As the Swamiji there spoke about their purpose and how they are merely carrying on their Guru’s vision- that of unconditional Seva with Love not with the feeling of charity.
Adopting each one as their very own, they feel for them as they would for any family member. Be it health, education, or other spheres, they do whatever they can.

The openness with which we were received… as he spoke, something kept happening… every cell within felt stirred and moved.
As I write too I’m feeling very touched as since I started my spiritual journey, I did not understand what my purpose is but I feel moved by the idea of service and it resonates deepest with me as that’s what I wish to do in life…
We were unaware that every 5th-6th of a month they celebrate Guru Bhakti as Swami Satyanandaji took samadhi on 5th December.
It reminded me of the significance of certain dates as it is with us every 9th.
We were invited to be part of their kirtan, chanting, prayer in reverence to their Guru.
Something was happening to me, every moment felt soaked and reverberating in devotion…
I felt so much gratitude for what we receive…it’s abundance!
The previous day at YogodaAshram in Ranchi too I read a quote by Pramahansa Yoganandaji that moved me-
“In the depth of thy footprint may I find the nook of safety.”
And really it felt like that… every wish gets fulfilled, everything gets so beautifully taken care of and whatever upsets us too we realise and we are taught about our follies too…
I was touched seeing vikram and his devotion too… we both have our own balancing issues when I go overboard and he feels I need to ground. When that happens, it shatters me but later I realise the truth in that too… and I realised that because I wanted to go to Bodh Gaya badly, I was willing to cut short Deoghar and in turn cut short Vikram’s time at a Yatra with Master…
and how willingly he agreed and much as he may have wanted to go to Bodh Gaya too, he stayed back as family and work needed attention, both could not be traveling.
Today as I’m traveling to Bodh Gaya I’m feeling a meltdown…feelings that I’m unable to put to words except that feeling so blessed!! Vikram fulfilling my wish to go to Bodh Gaya, in-laws not objecting, kids understanding…
Master is so subtle in his ways but every word he says needs to pay paid heed to…
Today I felt we are his channels, each one…
We have the potential and we all can just open our hearts up and let the energy flow… unhindered… just let it all flow. Uninhibited.
Somebody asked me yesterday upon hearing that I’m going for yet another Yatra- aren’t you moving away from reality?
I pondered… away or towards?
So many realisations happen…So much of cleansing and peeling…
I go to Yatras to feel that… to feel me more closely…esp for some Yatras you know you need to go for… the energy at a Yatra with Master around is manifold… one is stripped of ego and charged and equipped to handle daily life with more positivity and love.
Another beautiful thing happened in Deoghar. Because I literally rushed Vikram to leave(so that he doesn’t say now don’t go to Bodh Gaya), we decided to leave a day earlier in the morning having once visited the temple in the evening.
Which meant we would not have gone to the Jyotirlinga temple in the morning and done the Puja/meditation properly. Upon reaching the station we got to know the train is late for 4 hours… giving us ample time to go back and join everyone at the temple, and meditate there, take Shiv-Shakti blessings.
Deeply grateful to Life!
Master said as I was leaving from Deoghar- take care of Vikram.
Standard line that he says, but this time I seemed to pay more heed.
“As you wish”

Sri Mallikarjuna Jyotirlinga, Andhra Pradesh


Surinderpal Singh -Ludhiana

shared his feelings on hearing about the Mallikarjuna Yatra experience of Sunita Jagota also from Ludhiana –“Friday session at Sunita Jagota House :- a compulsive and impulsive silence from very start . Most participants were back from yatra , a different charged atmosphere, purity, and the sharings by Sunita ji at the end . The experiences at yatra …..only Sunita ji could share ! It was complete surrender , and magics , the lost and found luggage , her foot injury, the piercing concretes,

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two hour of sleep and again to yatra ….all narration was flowing live ! The another beauty was today, participants sharing among themselves in slow voice , side by side , but Sunita ji not finding end ! The complete surrender was the conclusion !I. n fact, Sunita ji was emptying herself, attendants wanted to say or ask something, but the strong flow of Sunita ji was not allowing it . So all said was going to air but not reaching her ears ! So beautiful ! (Ludhiana )”