As we celebrate India’s 71st Independence day, let us take some time off to reflect on achieving our own personal freedom. Freedom from the bondages that keep us rooted to the mundane day to day existence. Let breaking this karmic bondage be our primary aim in life towards freedom and independence.

A free mind, a light heart and a healthy body is our birth right. Great Ones before us achieved this through their intense personal sadhna. Our potential is no less than these saintly ones that walked our earth in the near and distant past. Let us follow their footsteps and achieve what they achieved. Personal freedom. Freedom from past Karma. Liberation from the fetters of life. Mukti. Moksha.

Let us work towards our personal freedom. Freedom to smile and laugh unhindered, a heart that is light like a feather and a consciousness that can see beyond the obvious. If we don’t work for it, who else will? If we don’t work for it now, then when?

Let us move towards a Dharmic life based on the principles of acceptance and love for one another and for nature. Let Dharma and a passion to do Karma without attachment to it’s fruits be our life’s motto.

All these require personal effort, hard work and pointed focus. The personal choices that we make on a daily basis is what show us the path and bring us closer to our goal.

The Goal is freedom.
Discover. Bring clarity.
Work for it.
Freedom is the Goal.

Happy Independence Day 2017