Dear Divine One, 

Just before the full moon day of the month of Vesakha around 528 BC, a young ascetic of noble birth, worn out by years of self denial, arrived on the outskirts of the small village of Uruvela nestled on the banks of the sandy Neranjara River. Many years later he described the scene that unfolded before him. “There I saw a beautiful stretch of countryside, a beautiful grove, a clear flowing river, a lovely ford and a village nearby for support. And I thought to myself; ‘Indeed, this is a good place for a young man set on striving’. He settled himself under the spreading branches of a nearby tree and prepared to begin his meditation. All night he sat there as the leaves of the tree quivered in the gentle breeze and the moon shone bright in the velvety black sky. Eventually the clouds of ignorance dissolved and he saw the Truth in all its glory and splendour. He was no longer Prince Siddhartha or the ascetic Gautama.
He had become the Awakened One, the Compassionate One, the Light of the World, the Buddha Supreme. The Buddha spent the next seven weeks near Uruvela known as Bodh Gaya experiencing the bliss of enlightenment. He said “Enlightenment is a state of liberation from the outside influences of the world around us and entering the world of Nirbhanna and then Parinirbhana”
Temple of Inner Wisdom welcomes you to join in the celebration of Enlightenment day and the transcendental essence of Buddha on 21st May 2016 at Bodh Gaya, Bihar with Master Minood from 20th May to 22nd May 2016

Yatra to a Sacred place is an opportunity to be with oneself and feel the connect within. It is a meditative journey to be in Silence and to feel one’s own Sacredness.

Being on a Yatra with Master Minood is a deep and profound experience as one can interact with him in person and observe and listen in Silence to the messages that come through.

One comes back rejuvenated, fresh with a surge of Life force.

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Love and Grace
Temple of Inner Wisdom