What is Rebirthing with Breath?

Breath as a Healer can help one connect to his/her inner self; it can take you to a place within that can evoke a sense of deep knowing, wellness, peace and tranquility, replacing fear, stress, illness and blocked energy.
Spiritual Rebirthing with mystical Breath is an ancient esoteric practice from the Himalaya’s, to access the most elevated states of consciousness.
It brings out and eliminates the layers of karma stored in our body, mind and intellect, enabling us to live a more radiant and happy life.
It points the way to a more abundant and blissful life which awakens tremendous spiritual skills and awareness. It is a New Age Spiritual Tool that uses our Conscious Breath in a mystical way to eliminate karmic baggage from the past, stored inside the body and the unconscious mind that hinder the progress of our spiritual journey.