Buddha Purnima Yatra with Master Minood
08th – 11th May 2017,
Bodh Gaya, Bihar, India


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Experience Sharing of Yatris:

Nisha Saraf – Jaipur

It was an exhilarating experience…..I have no words to express the serenity and calmness I experienced last night

Dr Sukanya – Ranchi

Namaste everyone…  A call from master and then followed  by the messgae from anvesha had a magnetic effect….i just knew i had to be there at bodh gaya..a leap of faith as one might call it …the entire day was such a pious one. The day started with the visit to  Prabodhi caves on Dungeshwari hills where we all meditated in groups inside the sacred cave…feeling and dwelling in the reverberated essence of sitting at a place where Buddha himself meditated. Such was the energy within those walls that as we sat there in silence we all felt the charge…with radiance we proceeded to sujatha temple where we heard the historic story and learnt that life is all about balance… A balance between food health and spiritual practice. With a few minutes of meditation there we all felt so connected. With master’s blessings we were also able to contribute humbly towards a school that was run within the temple premises. This added to our joy overwhelmingly.
The evening session with master was something that i was eagerly looking firward to and hearing him answer our questions was like opening of floodgates of light..chanting “budham sharnam gacchami….” and a short meditation with master prepared us to move onto the stateof complete absorption … the of purpose of our yatra…the night meditation at mahabodhi temple. How i wish the night never ended….the moonlight, the chants, the soft breeze,a slow walk with the divine himself…. all took me into a state of eternal bliss. We all spent hours meditating, contemplating, ruminating in various points of the temple premises… dazed with the spiritually charged atmosphere. A night so deep and eternal…a night of silence…
Master says it is through meditation that we can attain knowlegde…all answers flow through us eventually…and we grow while we increase our understanding at every level. We can surely attain enlightenment which is a state of complete knowledge even in this lifetime only if we are focussed and persistent in our spiritual practise. Buddha is the state of complete knowledge…
So, let us all strive to be patient and consistent in our endeavour and with Master’s grace we shall all be enlightened oneday….

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