“What your eyes see and ears hear, is what your mind believes.”
Universe often speaks to us through various channels. Movies can also be one of them where many of us might get answers to our unsaid questions and sometimes certain scenes in the movie touches us to that extent that we are bound to give a thought about our lives and our own self.
At the Spiritual Movie Night, we try and showcase the best possible soul-touching movies to exercise our spiritual muscles. The movies shown here might help us connect better with our own selves and force us to ask certain questions and make us believe our individuality.
As the group sits together and watches these movies together, there’s a certain feeling of oneness, an exciting feeling of being connected with people even though we might not know them.
An important aspect of the Movie Night, is simply sharing our own feelings and perspectives about the movie and listening to the experiences and insights of everyone else and expanding our horizons. This discussions and exhange of views aids us to see things from different angles. These movies at times help us find a certain innocence lost in the past somewhere, maybe a dream buried in the inner depths of reality or perhaps simply makes us understand the importance of being ‘you’.
People feel relaxed and it altogether adds a feel good factor among the group.