Connect with Nature

Nature can bring lot of beauty and delight in our lives and it shifts our perspective to a much vaster space. Nature is the limitless source of energy. It’s glory and beauty helps us release our stress and worries. It balances and rejuvenates our senses and we feel recharged and cleansed.

Just glaring at the nature and greenery soothens us and brings us closer to our ownselves.Exploring the beauty of nature in a group through treks, enjoying the morning glory and gazing the rising sun, a walk on our mother earth, observing the chirping birds and the magnificent beauty of god’s creations touches our hearts and perhaps our soul.

Being close to nature is a kind of meditation which helps us connect to universe and our inner self and we realise our own soul’s beauty and it’s amusing powers. Relating to the five elements of the universe and what we are composed of becomes easier. Surrendering to the universe and keeping faith on it is more rooted when we are well connected to it. Even few minutes of being in nature makes us feel lighter and we get filled with gratitude towards life.  It brings lot of serenity, peace and joy within us.

We feel oneness with one and all. Looking at nature is like looking in ‘you’ where the key to our inner peace and blissfulness is hidden.