Breath Meditation

Meditation means ‘Silencing the Mind’. It is about ‘Emptying the Mind’ of all thoughts, wanted or unwanted..! It is being aware of the present and of oneself at every moment, moment to moment. The ancient practice of quietening and Relaxing the “thinking” mind is Meditation. Meditation is a state, not a process. It is a state of being in touch with one’s own divinity.
With the Breath, we learn to connect with our Inner voice, the real we, with a clear and unique life purpose. Once we learn to connect, outwardly our life remains the same, but our response to situations will be stronger, calmer and more assertive. All contributing to a happier life! Meditation helps us to learn to witness our thoughts, know the mind-body-spirit connection and understand the language of Silence.
Meditation on Breath train us to be aware of the present moment with each inhale and exhale of our breath. Everyone can experience the benefits of Meditation irrespective of whether they have attempted it before or not. It teaches us to “Watch the Breath” with full awareness. Daily meditation energizes us through the Prana or Chi or Life force that we are inhaling. We notice the melting away of Mental and emotional toxins, thus enabling us to tap into higher levels of energy fields and consciousness. Internally, as one begins this practice, he/she experiences changes such as a greater focus, creativity, self-awareness and a peaceful and calm frame of mind, ultimately leading to the Awakening.