Spiritual Book club

The Spiritual Book Club is a Space wherein like minded seekers meet for a Collective Reading and Interactive session. One person slowly reads through the paragraphs while the others connect with the words and the spirit of what is being spoken. Everyone begins to relate to it in their own ways. During the Interaction breaks in between the narration, the participants express how each of them are relating to the subject from their individual point of view based on their own journey and experience. Very interesting and soul touching aspects are discovered and revealed. In the discussion that follows, everyone gains clarity about how to deal with the subject and absorb the essence to the core. The general feedback of the group is that EACH one finds a response to whatever doubts and questions they come to the session with. The Spiritual Book Club is a very Meditative / Introspective Space where the seekers are communicating their inner voice and Universe speaks to them through the text of the book or discussions during the interaction. It’s wonderful to see how each one goes back with an Answer which they can incorporate in their lives !!!!!