Awakening Cities With Breath

We all live in a Vibrational Universe.

Everything around us is nothing but Pure Energy waiting to be moulded by us through our thoughts, words and actions. This energy forms a unique bond between all inhabitants on mother earth and links all consciousness in a chain. Thoughts, Words, Actions initiated by any one of the links impacts the chain as a whole.
The society that we live in has a consciousness of its own and we are an integral part of it. We believe we are molded by the society, to live in a certain way. We act as if we are chained by the Society. However, the Truth is that the consciousness of the society that we live in is developed, maintained and propagated by the collective thoughts of each one of us who are part of that society!
As creators we are all individually responsible for all that is happening in our lives at one level and by the principal of relatedness responsible then for what happens in our family, our community, our city, our country, our continent and our world. Our Collective Consciousness creates the emotional environment in the cities and countries we live in.
There are seven principal levels of collective consciousness:
family consciousness, community consciousness, city consciousness, state or provincial consciousness, national consciousness, world consciousness, and universal consciousness.
Consciousness expresses itself through the principal emotions of Love and Fear. Love Spurs us to abundance and unity and Fear drives us to scarcity and separateness.


The Issues That Plague Us and Our Cities Today

Let’s look at all the problems that plague our cities today: corruption, greed, fear, anger, diseases. Whose responsibility is it? Our collective consciousness created this state of affairs.
Over the last 5000 years, the collective consciousness of human beings has slipped to its lowest levels as they got lost in the density of three dimensional plane. As we look around our world, the Fear Based Emotions have taken control of our daily lives.
If we wish to change what we have created, we need to start with ourselves at the individual level. At the individual consciousness level! Societal change must start with the individual. The individual is the key.
But the Individual is constantly battling endless issues pertaining to health, wealth, work, family and relationships. Often in the process of solving these issues and striving to do better he/she loses track and feel directionless…

Here are a few reflections and plausible solutions.



“The 9 Lights to Living”

By Starting with the least common denominator of the society, the brick in the wall – YOU. You can become a change agent by starting an Inner Journey. A journey which reveals your true self, the journey which introduces to your Buddhic Nature. The Outer world that we see is a manifestation of our inner world. When we start on an inner journey we start changing our inner world, we learn to master the crippling influences in our lives and we beging to shift. As our inner world shifts our consciousness raises in vibration and as our consciousness changes, our external world mirrors the shift. And then like the 100th monkey effect , the consciousness of the planet begings to shift. We move from a mindset of “Seperatedness” to a Mindset of “Oneness or Unity”. We realise we are all linked together. If we hurt the part, the whole also gets affected.


Breath as Your Guru.

A Great Friend, Guide and Master on this Journey of yours, is Your Breath. Breath has been your constant companion with you for lifetimes. Your Breath alone can help you unlock the hidden potential of the Real You. When you are with Your Breath in Meditation, you attract the higher Cosmic Vibrations which lift your personal vibrations. The issues that you faced at the lower level of vibrations, all having their roots in the Fear Emotion, start to melt away. As you move in the higher vibration spectrum you come closer to your real Buddhic nature and start attracting Love, Peace, Contentment, Prosperity, Health and Fulfilling relationships. You set of a chain reaction which then impacts your familiy, community, city, country and continents thereby lifting the vibrations of mother earth as a whole.
Internally, as a man begins this practice, he experiences changes such as greater focus, creativity, self-awareness and a peaceful and calm frame of mind and ultimately leading to Self Awakening.


Awakening Cities with the Breath: Moving from Fear to Love

The “Awakening Cities With Breath” is aimed at shifting the Collective Consciouness of Human Beings from Fear Based Emotions to Love Based Emotions. With the Breath you can master the feelings of Low Self Esteem, Greed, Lust, Pride , Envy, Anger, Covetousness and issues related with these like disease, relationships, governance.
Love is the Key which will open all doors and propel you to the path of limitless spiritual freedom. From Love you came and to Love you return.
An initiative from the Temple of Inner Wisdom, to raise the vibration level of cities through the power of Breath Meditation and Spiritual Rebirthing with Mystical Breath, the goals of this program are:
1) Enable the Individual understand the Principles of the Universe, The Journey of the Soul and his personal evolution and the power of his thoughts, words and actions.
2) Drive Wholesome relationships across families and communities within the city to drive peace, harmony and calm down the stress levels.
3) Understand the Money Energy and issues related to abundance and wealth and addressing the issues of Poverty, Corruption etc.
4) Provides insights into the working of the human body system, both subtle and physical and enable the self healing mechanism and boost immunity to fight life threatning diseases like cance, heart, liver etc and bring in a healthy and bright humanity.
5) Work with State Governments to drive better accountability of the administration thereby enabling a better citizen services.
6) make our cities prosperous, wholesome and places worth living in.


Founded by Master Minood, a Spiritual Scientist from Trivandrum, Kerala who has touched lives across India, Temple of Inner Wisdom is the beacon of Light for New Age spirituality, focused on heralding the New Age of Unity Consciousness as mother earth transitions to the 5th dimension as part of the Divine Cosmic Plan.