Akhand Dhyan

The Year when we as inhabitants of this beautiful Blue Planet Earth, shifts to a different way of dealing with physicality.
We welcome all for ‘AKHAND DHYAN’ to connect and integrate the new energies that are sweeping the planet at the time of Gaian shift.
The desire to change is within each one of us and we are here to help initiate this process in each individual through BREATH MEDITATION. This will bring about Transformation and lead to Purification of Mind, Body and Soul.
‘Akhand Dhyan’ will be an ongoing meditation for 12 hours, where people are welcome to come any time and bask in the Divine cosmic energy overflowing in abundance over us, for whatever period of time they like.
“As we connect with our inner truth, Universe lifts our frequency of understanding and wisdom. This is the year of Truth when humanity will understand the meaning of Truth the ancients talked about. Practicing truth will bring out your light. For Light and Truth are so entwined. Only Truth will bring Light.
Be the Truth.
Let your Light show the world, the Truth.” ~ Master Minood