Buddha Poornima Celebrations with
41 days of Mindfulness!

The full moon day of the month of Vaishakh, 21st May 2016, known as the Buddh Purnima, encompasses the birth (appearance), enlightenment (nirvana), and passing away (parinirvana) of Gautama the Buddha. This special day Lord Buddha comes down to physical plain at Wesak valley to give humanity his energies for their spiritual evolution. A day to experience deeper Inner Silence, Aloneness that is exhilarating. 

“When Buddha became Enlightened, there was no one else who also got enlightened along with him.
Enlightenment happens in Silence.
In Aloneness.
When you are with yourself.
As it happened to Gautama the Buddha.” – Master Minood

41 Day Mindfulness with Breath

Buddha Poornima celebration is a ’41 Day Mindfulness with Breath’
starts from 11th April to 21st May.

Our Breath is the one which keeps us alive. Hence it is imperative for each one of us to understand in depth the different dimensions and character of our Divine Breath.

‘Mindfulness with Breath’ is being with the breath moment to moment, with serene awareness and calm focus. It creates energy shifts within which brings about changes in one’s outer world. One experiences changes such as greater focus, creativity, self-awareness and a peaceful and calm frame of mind.

“With the Breath, you will learn to connect with your Higher Self and live in Surrender and operate with Intuition which tells one what to do, when to react and how to respond”
– Master Minood

 For details of the ongoing 41 days sessions in different cities, click here

The Celebration ends with a – 
Buddha Poornima Yatra 

The entire period has special significance in assisting us in our spiritual evolution. Buddha Poornima encompasses the birth (appearance), enlightenment (nirvana), and passing away (parinirvana) of Gautama the Buddha.

Temple of Inner Wisdom joins you in celebrating the Enlightenment Day of Gautama the Buddha on 21 May 2016 at Bodh Gaya, Bihar (INDIA) with Master Minood.

Reporting time: 12 noon on 20th May 
Departure: 12 noon on 22nd May 

For Registration and more information:
Vikram Harlalka: +91 98306 91384
Preetanjali Bajoria: +91 90017 98992 

Love and grace
Temple of Inner Wisdom